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MiAgent - Test Cycle 1 - July 2017

Test Cycle Introduction:

The first Test Cycle for the MiAgent project will focus on primary, secondary and alternate business test case scenarios that are related to the functionality delivered in MiAgent Sprint's 1, 2, 2B,3, and 4. The functional areas covered are: Customer and Location Search, View and Maintenance, Contract Management, Financial Overview, Detail, and Transactions, Disputes, Warranty, Interaction Records, Exception Cases, and External Interfaces to Ventyx and Experian.

Test Cycle Objective:

QA Validation for MiAgent Development Delivered in Sprints 1, 2, 2B, 3, and 4

Test Cycle Status:

 Avertra QA Testing In Progress

Test Case Execution Status

Discovery Status - All Reports

Defect Status - Percent of Total Test Cases

Key Factors - Defect % of Total Test Cases

Testing Schedule

Features in Test Cycle