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Welcome to MiUPedia!

MiUpedia is a centralized knowledge center for all MiUtility Platform and Product Line related information. Notebooks and Diagrams lead your way through Functionality offered in the MiUtility Product Line. The MiUpedia Test Center will help project teams carry out and record test scripts related to the project they are on. Discovery Trackers receive and record all of your feedback and keeps you informed of what discoveries are Bugs and what discoveries are New Stories. The Support Center holds the training wiki, allows you to create support tickets, and track request.

Learn more about how to leverage the MiUtility Platform to make your business process simpler and smarter.

Reference guides available for your favorite MiUtility Product. Learn more about Features, Functionality, Business Value, and Business Rationale for hundreds of MiUtility Features.

One stop shop for MiUtility Product Line Testing. The Test Center lets you check on the status of a Test Cycle, Review Discoveries, and track key testing Milestones.